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Each bag is verified with not only personal hands on experience but with the help of Entrupty, an AI based instrument to confirm authenticity or not. Whether or not you are selling your bag to us you can bring in your bags for us to verify and give certificates of authenticity. You can use these certificates for many reasons whether it is to buy with confidence, insurance reasons, fraud detection and so much for. Each certificate and authentication is $50. 



Authentication certificates are the quickest way to remove virtually the only barrier when selling luxury goods online. Before the questions is even asked, you have already answered it., Yes, this item is guaranteed authentic.

When Entrupy authenticates an item, an instant digital certificate will be produced, which can be shared via text, emailed, included in online listings and printed. Each authentication certificate is given a unique link, hosted on Entrupy servers for buyer verification and every authentication certificate is backed by our financial guarantee for any incidental losses. Certificates will increase confidence while enabling listings to sell faster and for higher prices.

All Entrupy authentication certificates are easily searchable online to confirm the item was authenticated by Entrupy. These links are clickable on the certificates themselves or by typing the url into your search bar, then adding in that certificates unique authentication code.

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