Whether your closet is overflowing (literally) or you’re just looking to make a little extra cash, you may find yourself wondering how to sell your clothes. It all starts with cleaning out your closet. Find out the top tips for reorganizing your closet and reselling your items at Macro Revive.

Examples of Brands we LOVE: Free People, Lululemon, Zara, Theory, Nordstrom Brands, Anthropology Brands, Brandy Melville and many more. We also love items that are basic boutique items and do not need to be brand name!

1) Clean out early, clean out often 

Capsule wardrobe specialists and minimal lifestyle gurus recommend cleaning out every three months – once per every season change. If you’re overwhelmed just thinking about it, try every six months. When you clean out, sort into three categories: out-of-season items to be stored away in plastic tubs, worn-out items to be donated and items to sell.

Remember that most clothing resale stores start buying for the upcoming season a few months in advance. For example, we start taking Fall inventory in July. We also buy current, high quality items in excellent condition out of season.  

2) It’s in the bag!

Keep a brightly colored canvas bag in your closet designated for selling your clothes. If you try something on in the morning and you’re just not feeling it or – even worse – spend the day regretting your outfit choice, throw it in the bag! This kind of Marie Kondo maintenance reduces closet clutter on a daily basis and makes your outfit choice every morning so much easier. Why spend time repeating the same mistakes? Then, when you’re ready to go shopping, you’ll already have some clothes to sell for store trade!

3) Give everything a last look

Every item we buy needs to be ready to go straight out onto the rack. So, look at your items – especially your whites – under a bright light before you throw them in the bag. This way, you can spot treat them before you go and save yourself a second trip!

4) Don’t hold back

Sometimes the question is not just how to sell, but what to sell. Remember this golden rule: when in doubt, bring it in. We buy all sizes and we make selections based on style more than brand. We look for all kinds of fun and funky stuff as well as vintage, like classic rock tees. We also buy accessories like shoes, hats, bags and jewelry. Our buyers will be happy to look at everything you have and fashion changes at a fast pace, so you just might be surprised!

5) Get back to basics

On the other hand, some customers assume we only take vintage, retro and funky stuff. Not true! In fact, classic T-shirts and jeans are top sellers for us. Bring in those everyday staples!

6) Don’t be shy

CURRENTLY WE DO NEED TO MAKE A BUYING APPT. YOU CAN TEXT 951-444-1362 TO SCHEDULE. You need to bring a valid government-issued ID like a Driver’s License or Passport with you in order to sell and you do need to be over 18 (or with a friend or parent who is). At the buy counter, a buyer will look through all of your items and make selections based on style, condition and store needs. If they think any of your items will sell in the store, they’ll assign them a retail price. From that price, you’ll receive 40% in store trade or 30% in cash the same day you sell. We do have to see all items in person to say whether or not we can buy them for the store and what we can price them for, so we look forward to seeing you and your cleanout in the store!

7. Pricing Example

A pair of worn Lululemon Leggings that we valued brand-new at $80. We take the demand, style, size, and wear and come up with what we believe it will sell for. We have to price to sell or we will not have floor space to continue to buy. Say we price them at $50 revival, that makes the cash cost 30% of the selling aka $15 or the trade-in price 40% to use towards a purchase in store at 40% of the selling price aka $20 Bring in enough pieces and be surprised at what you leave with to put towards something you will actually wear or spend it on bills, coffee, a cocktail; up to you!



  • How do the payouts work when you sell clothes and when do I get paid? For any item we can buy for the store, we assign it a selling price and you receive 30% of that back in a Venmo transfer or 40% in store trade on-the-spot. We price items based on their style, brand, condition and estimated original retail value. You get paid asap. 

  • What if I do not have Venmo? We can assist you in downloading from your App Store but you will need to set up an account. It is a very convenient app and goes to your bank without any percentages taken out. 

  • How do you decide what to buy? We make selections based on styles that are selling well for us. We go through our inventory daily to figure out which items are selling quickly and which ones are sticking around. We also consider seasons and local demand.

  • What if you do not buy my items? We not only have limited space but we also have daily purchase limits. Please do not be disappointed if we cannot purchase your items. It will never be personal as we embrace all styles but rather logistical. If we do not purchase your items you can donate them and we will take them to The Orange County Mission Shelter for the rehabilitating. It is not yet tax deductible as we are a new business and will offer the option in the future. 

  • Do you take all sizes? Yes, We buy Women's clothing and select accessories. 

  • Can I send you a photo of my item to receive an offer? We have to see all items in person before we can say whether or not we’d buy them and assign them a selling price.

  • What happens after I sell? After you sell clothes to us, your buyer will let you know your options for cash and trade. Feel free to shop around before making a decision. When you’re ready to go, just head to the register to pick up your cash or trade card. Many customers like to use their store credit to pay for a new find and take the rest in cash.